Hello! My name is Bella, a passionate artist and creator.
I'm originally from a small town in Massachusetts called Carver. After graduating from High School in 2019, I began studying at the University of Rhode Island with a double major in Sports Media and Communications. However, when COVID-19 affected the world, I decided to leave URI and reconnect to my inner Artist.
During the pandemic, I found Full Sail University. I began studying Digital Arts & Design, and have since graduated with my Bachelor's Degree in Science. Though I've always been an artist, everything prior to college was self-taught and mainly driven by traditional art techniques. 
Today, I continue to hone in on my craft and create captivating animations. I bring my ideas to life by modeling or animating in 3-dimensional spaces, crafting visually stunning graphics, and preserving the exquisite experience of life with every click of my camera. I thrive on the dynamic nature of multimedia design aiming to create meaningful and visually compelling designs that resonate with audiences. 
What sets me apart is my ability to combine my technical proficiency with a keen eye for aesthetics. I'm always exploring new trends, techniques, and tools to stay at the forefront of my field. I find inspiration in the world around me and strive to translate that into my work.
The sky is only the beginning- never the limit. There's no stopping now, so let's create (:
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Phone: (508) 837-9233
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